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Yesterday morning at 4 AM we said a quiet farewell to the slip that was our home for two years. Leaving didn’t feel all that different. We have left that slip many times before, and we were on our way to another familiar port. Still, there was a little twinge of sentimentality as we headed past the breakwater into the wide open darkness.

When we first set out to cruise, we planned to go to San Diego. We actually held onto that plan for a long time – always on the verge of going. They say the plans of cruisers are written in the sand at low tide, and we have found that to be true. The longer we stayed in our sweet harbor, the more we grew to love it, the people in it, and the spectacular sailing playground right outside its walls.

It feels like we accidentally ended up in the best possible place to prepare us for the next step in this adventure. We had no idea that we would be introduced to people who would become mentors, friends, sources of great inspiration, and sometimes literally lifesavers (To our dock neighbor and friend that rescued us at Yellowbanks, thank you again. We probably would have died.) These waters have taught us so much, and we still laugh at the many things we didn’t know when we first moved aboard. Learning new things almost always involves looking like an idiot, right? Totally worth it.


So the first step away from home was uneventful, if not a little boring. With almost no wind or swell and lots of warm sunshine, we spent most of the motoring down a section of the California coast that would take a little over an hour to drive. Now that we’re in a different location, all of the anxiety that surrounded getting ready is gone. For the first time in months, we don’t have any boat projects and there’s nothing left to check off the list. That’s bound to change, but we’re enjoying it for now!



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