About Umphrey the Pug

Umphrey was born on the twentieth day of August in the year 2008. He is our loyal second mate, although his responsibilities aboard are quite minimal. He doesn’t do much aside from sleeping, eating, and making life inconvenient. He takes up the entire quarter berth, is an awful sailor, and has keen talent for getting hair in everything. But he more than makes up for these shortcomings with companionship and snuggle-ability.

In his own words…


A few years ago, doggie years that is, I was brought aboard a yacht that is now my home. It took awhile getting used to the steep stairs and slippery deck, but I’ve got my sea legs now.

I’m quite content aboard the boat in almost all conditions. When seas are calm, I bask in the morning sunlight on the foredeck.

When the seas get rough, I sleep happily on the leeward berth of the vessel.

We pugs make great companions aboard a boat for several reasons. First, we love to sleep and exercise is not a huge priority. After a long walk in the morning, I will spend the rest of the day in a comfortable slumber. Some might call this laziness, but I call it heaven. Second, we’re small and compact, I weigh a solid 25 pounds. Third, we love to love you. On cold nights I will seek out a friendly shipmate to snuggle up with. Fourth, I don’t care much for barking. Only when I really see a serious threat (like the bottom cleaner) will I use my mean bark.

Umphrey Buzz

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