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Baja Ha-Ha Leg 3 – Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas

The 36 hour leg from Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas was delightfully uneventful. And pretty much windless. We welcomed the rest and motored for most of the way in flat seas and warm air. I was on watch in the early morning hours as we approached Cabo Falso. The moon was so full, and I watched some of the bigger, faster boats motor-sail right past us on their way to the cape. I was so grateful to have had an early start for this leg. 12 hours of rest in Bahia Santa Maria felt sufficient, and I was so ready to arrive at our destination. I could not wait to drop the anchor and jump in the warm water. And then get a slip, and have a real shower, and do laundry in a machine, and boogie down at Squid Row. All of those things.



Cabo gave us an enthusiastic welcome that morning.  We saw whales breaching against the pastel sunrise in front of us while a huge full moon set behind us. We made coffee and snapped photos as we rounded the signature Cabo Arch into the anchorage.



When the anchor was set, we made breakfast, straightened up the boat, then jumped in the bright blue water below us for a swim and a bath. Once we were somewhat presentable for the general public, we grabbed a panga to get Umphrey to shore.


We can’t believe what a good dog he was the whole trip down. While we had some potty successes on the deck, this guy will really wait it out if he thinks there’s hope of landfall. I’m sure he’s grateful shorter sails are in his future! For more details on our experience anchoring in Cabo, check out our post at anchorage.io.




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