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Bringing Pet Food to Mexico

I recently wrote about Umphrey’s new dog food and its many benefits for boat dwelling dogs. While the post was primarily focused on the style of food (dehydrated), it prompted questions about which ingredients can cross the border into Mexico. Armed with some new information on the various regulations, here’s a quick summary of the rules about bringing your pet’s provisions across the border. Below is the official document from the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture which was updated as of 7.24.14.

Official Regulations


According to Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture, travelers are permitted to bring in their own pet food. The dog food must be dried, packaged, “and without content of ruminant origin.” Ruminant animals are hoofed, cud chewing mammals, but you can read this for a more detailed definition. If your pet food has any ingredients containing beef, pork, deer, bison, etc, don’t bring it to Mexico. We’ll likely switch to the “Force” flavor (the same Honest Kitchen brand) which is chicken based, free of beef ingredients, and Umphrey enjoyed it.

If you’re interested in Honest Kitchen dog or cat foods, their website has a drop down menu which allows you to search based on ingredients you would like to omit from your pet’s diet. In this case, selecting “beef” from the “Without” drop down menu on the left to find a list of all of their foods that do not contain beef. Their ingredient lists are short and free of mystery foods making the process of finding a Mexico safe flavor a breeze. After omitting that ingredient, there is still a great selection to choose from including fish, duck, turkey, and vegetarian.

Regulations on Quantity

Additionally, the above document says that you are allowed to bring up to 20 kg (44 lbs) of food for your pet. That amount can be in up to two packages. The packages have to be unopened except for the provisions required for the trip. To meet that requirement, we plan to buy two new packages, and use an already opened one for the trip down the Baja Peninsula. Even if the already opened portion is discarded by officials, we will still have two 10 lbs packages of dog food which is 160 days worth of meals for our dog.


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