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Liebster Award

We were Liebster-ed many moons ago, and it’s shameful to the Liebster name that I am just getting around to sharing our answers. Because the circulation has long past, we won’t be Liebster-ing others.

I watched the Liebster Award float around the cruising community with no intention of receiving a nomination, but how awesome is SV Terrapin for including us in the chain letter fun? They are a super cute family who plans on homeschooling their girls while they cruise (how lucky are those kiddos?!). Plus, self-professing “shameless deadheads”. So, obviously.

-What was the defining moment when you knew that you had to set sail?

When we put our house up for rent. Just kidding. When we realized that cruising was suited our values and the kind of lifestyle we wanted, we just started going for it. We gathered information, took ASA 101 on a lake in Arizona, and we were hooked.

-What’s the one comfort you wish you had while cruising?

Is it wrong that a million things are coming to mind right now? But for me, the one thing I want the most is frivolously long showers!

-How long to you plan to be out?  Is it until the money runs out or are your plans finite?

The truth is, we have no idea.That’s one of the things we love most about this. We plan to cruise the Sea of Cortez, or maybe farther south a for the next 6 months. After that, who knows? If we like it, we can keep going. Maybe it will suck, and we’ll do something else.

-What is the most awesome place you have visited so far?

This feels like kind of a lame answer because it’s right in our backyard, but SO cool nonetheless. Also, we haven’t been to very many places yet. Santa Cruz Island is rad. It’s secluded, wild, and stunning. Just you and the elements. We have literally seen hundreds and hundreds of dolphins on our way there. It’s downright magical.

-What is the least awesome place you have visited so far?

Cruising Southern California is pretty fun, so this is relative. The most disappointing stop we’ve made so far was probably Avalon. We dig Two Harbors, but Avalon was less awesome for us.

– What advice would you give our family as we’re about to set out?

Have the girls journal everything!

-What is one the one place that you can’t wait to visit?

We’re headed to the Sea of Cortez, so we’re stoked about that. Margaritas, street tacos, and warmer waters are calling our names. We daydream about even more exotic locations, but for now, Mexico.

-Wine? Beer? Margaritas? Feel free say all of the above

Jeff loves sake, but will probably have to settle for Pacifico. We both enjoy wine and fresh margaritas – like fresh squeezed lime, agave, and tequila.

-Do you ever get sick of your crew?  What do you do for personal space on a boat?

All of us get annoyed with each other sometimes. I’m pretty sure even Umphrey gets sick of us. He sits in the sun on the bow. I like to go for a walk first thing in the morning or journal. Jeff can slip in his headphones and be on another planet. Personal space is in your head.

-What is the one non-essential item on you boat that you would not want to live without?

For Jeff it’s the windlass. Technically, we lived without this handy item for quite some time. Resetting anchor by hauling it up hand over hand is not for the faint of heart (or bicep). For me it’s the fridge. Again, we lived without this for an entire year, but was it really living? I’m not sure. Cold beverages are so nice, so is saving leftovers, not rotating your eggs every day, chilled chardonnay, iced coffee, umm…


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