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Snapshots from the Road: Hawaii

Whew. We have been on the go, and not in our sailboat. In the last 8 weeks, we have been to Hawaii by air (maybe the next visit will be by sail!) followed by road tripping all over the West Coast. We’ll share photos from all of our stops, but here are some iPhone snapshots from our week long trip to Oahu.

20140420-154415.jpgWe hiked to the top of Koko Head Crater – about a mile straight up on railroad ties. It burns. Our goal was to get there at sunrise, and even though we left our place at 5:30 AM, traffic was so terrible we didn’t get to the base of the mountain until 7 AM. Nonetheless, the view was amazing. Behind us is Hanauma Bay where we snorkled the day before.d

20140420-154437.jpgJeff and I hiked to this waterfall and had it all to ourselves. We love opportunities to enjoy little slices of nature. And then – on our way out – we passed a charming couple who warned us about the dangers of leptospirosis from swimming in pools like this. Awesome. Thank you.

20140420-154500.jpgOne morning we did a run/swim/run from the condo to this pristine lagoon. I could backfloat the day away in this water, I love it so.

20140420-154530.jpgWaimea Valley Botanical Garden.

20140423-195746.jpg Waiting for the right time to swim through the shore break at Waimea Bay. 20140423-195754.jpgWise old sea turtles at Laniakea Beach.  20140423-195805.jpgMakapu’u




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